Chart of references

Category Sub-category Purpose Place Country Document
Building Industrial Installation of a production unit of superheated heat Saint-Ghislain Belgium AME-11_EN.pdf
Building Industrial Biomass CHP Power Plant Tessenderloo Belgium 4HC-07_EN.pdf
Civil engineering Bridge Construction of a road bridge Aiseau Belgium AIS-11_EN.pdf
Civil engineering Territory development Construction of a stormwater basin Alleur Belgium ALL-10_EN.pdf
Building Industrial Construction of a logistics center - infrastructure Arlon Belgium ARL-07_EN.pdf
Building Public Construction of an indoor climbing site Louvain-la-Neuve Belgium BLO-05_EN.pdf
Building Public Renovation of two swimming pools Louvain-la-Neuve Belgium BLO-13_EN.pdf
Civil engineering Bridge Reconstruction of the Devylder draw bridge Tongre-Notre-Dame Belgium DEV-11_EN.pdf
Heritage Public Restoration of Saint-Feuillien Collegiate church Fosses-la-Ville Belgium FOS-08_EN.pdf
Building Public Renovation of the central hall of Namur rail station Namur Belgium NAM-98_EN.pdf
Civil engineering Hydraulic works Local development of the RAVEL (cycling and walking area) in Jambes Namur Belgium RAV-11_EN.pdf
Building Public Construction of a maintenance hall for RER-line material Charleroi Belgium RER-09_EN.pdf
Civil engineering Hydraulic works Replacement of the superstructure of the dam on the river Sambre Salzinnes Belgium SAL-13_EN.pdf
Building Private Construction of an apartment block Vielsalm Belgium VIE-08_EN.pdf
Building Private Enhancement of a car garage Chaineux Belgium WIL-13_EN.pdf